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株式会社リベルスカイは Google テクノロジーを活用してビジネスと生活の変革を目指します

Liber Sky Co., Ltd. is a premier partner of Google Cloud ™

We support changes in the utilization of digital technologies such as data utilization and analysis.

Better future for the next Generation

Google Technology to Transform Business and Lifestyle


​Service Solution

AI / machine learning / quantum

Utilize AI and quantum computers for business

DevOps infrastructure construction

Eliminate development / operational disruptions and accelerate releases

Visualization / analysis / utilization

Build a "data analysis pipeline" that will be the basis of data analysis

Google Cloud

Payment Agency

We provide free support for using Google Cloud (GCP) at a lower cost than a direct contract with Google and ​ payment.

Google Cloud


Create an environment that strengthens your business such as productivity, business agility, and fault tolerance with Google Cloud

Google Workspace

License Support

We provide license sales of Google Workspace to support for planning and studying introduction and support for actual introduction.

Consulting Services

LiberSky consulting service will support you from the planning process necessary in your company such as launching activities. From the initial stage of the start-up of activities, we will support the organization of the system within the customer while supplementing the various roles required, thereby realizing competitive advantage and reforming the working style together with the customer. Lead your DX activities to success.

DX Planning / Consulting

Vision creation / activity promotion support

In promoting the DX that customers want, we provide support from project launch to closing, such as formulating an overall activity plan based on the DX vision, organizing stakeholders, building a promotion system, and facilitating the entire activity increase.

  • Launch a DX in-house project

  • Rebuild the project

  • Support with technical knowledge


POC support

Build a POC environment to realize the created vision. By linking various cloud services such as Google Cloud to your environment, you can check the feasibility of your vision.

  • Building a POC environment

  • Organize the components necessary to achieve the vision

  • Inquire about any questions during the POC period


Grand design review support

Based on the results of the POC implementation, we will create the final grand design to achieve the vision. We will organize the cost estimation required for production implementation, milestone creation, data migration method, etc.

  • Create a POC summary and a production introduction activity plan

  • Consider a project promotion system

  • ​ Increase manpower


Integration Services

We provide various infrastructure construction and integration required for DX.

Cloud Integration

Building a data analysis platform

By adopting BigQuery of Google Cloud, it is possible to analyze a huge amount of data in a few minutes.

Even if you are using other cloud services such as AWS and Azure, you can use BigQuery only for data analysis.

Of course, please feel free to contact us regarding data linkage with on-premises.

  • Utilize a large amount of data

  • Analyze data at low cost

  • Work with other clouds and on-premises


Cloud Zero Trust Network​ Integration

By using BeyondCorp Remote Access on Google Cloud, you can securely use private applications from untrusted networks without using VPN.

You can also use Chronicle to detect malicious attacks wherever your device is. Chronicle has no additional charges due to log growth.

  • Secure remote work environment that replaces VPN

  • Consider a zero trust network

  • Introduce a remote work environment that can be used comfortably




Image by Dave Heere



​ Find the solution with us

Please feel free to contact

​Google Cloud Partner

In the increasingly difficult world situation, we will provide cloud consulting and integration so that we can optimally utilize various cloud technologies such as Google Cloud technology to respond to various changes required by our customers' businesses.・ We will provide technical support​ to our customers.


A company that has a thorough customer orientation, and with the motto of freedom and harmony, continues to provide technologies and services that solve important issues for promoting DX, such as the sophistication of IT functions required in the changing social environment. I am aiming.

About LiberSky

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