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Use AI / quantum computer for analysis

AI, which had a high introduction cost, has become familiar in recent years. We will also work with a group of quantum specialists to help you incorporate quantum computers, which are not yet commonplace, into your business.

Analysis with Quantum

AI / Machine Learning / Quantum Solution



What can be solved


Incorporate AI and machine learning, but the hurdle seems to be high

Utilize the data

There is a large amount of data, but the format is also disjointed and siled, so it can not be utilized.

Solve the optimum

There are an infinite number of combinations of data, and I'm looking for results with feelings and perceptions.

Aggregate the data

​Different people have different perspectives on data analysis and aggregation



In various cases as described above
Thinking about the best solution together with the customer

We will propose and provide.

In the various cases mentioned above, we will consider, propose and provide the optimum solution together with the customer.


We will devise a solution that matches the customer's request using Google ™ ️ AI technology.
Not limited to trained models, it is also possible to build custom machine learning models by yourself.


When there are an infinite number of data combination patterns, a normal computer processes them in a round-robin manner, which wastes a huge amount of time, but in a quantum computer, "combinatorial optimization processing" should be performed at high speed and with high accuracy. Is possible. LiberSky has teamed up with Quemix, which specializes in quantum computers, to support the introduction of your system and PoC.
Would you like to take a step toward the development of advanced technology together in this field, which is still in its infancy?

Quemix Inc.

It is a specified subsidiary of TerraSky Co. , Ltd.

Data analysis / visualization solution



Not only normalized data such as DB, but also raw data such as images, sounds, etc. are formatted and unified, and built up to an analyzable state. We will support and consider solutions that meet business requirements, such as BI (Business Intelligence) tools and integration into your system.
It is said that PDCA is indispensable for BI, such as improving analysis accuracy even after the introduction of the tool, but we will flexibly prepare proposals for support that is close to your company's operational style, so please contact us first.


Installation process (example)


​Example using a quantum computer

Quantum Case

​In addition to optimization, the following applications are possible

Working population
​ Decrease problem

CO2 reduction

Joint delivery

Logistics network in the event of a disaster
​ Rebuilding

Image by Dave Heere



We can flexibly propose and respond regardless of the scale.

Please feel free to contact us first.

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