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Google Cloud

Payment Agency

​​Environment where you can use Google Cloud (GCP) cheaper than a direct contract with Google and ​ Support for payment Will be provided free of charge.

Google Cloud Agency

AI, which had a high introduction cost, has become familiar in recent years. We will also work with a group of quantum specialists to help you incorporate quantum computers, which are not yet commonplace, into your business.

Features of LiberSky payment agency service


5% OFF from usage fee Now 8% OFF for IaaS service usage

​Google We also provide free paid support that is required if you have a direct contract, so you can use it at a great price. Customers who have a commitment contract with a 8% discount on monthly usage fees will get 10% off, reducing the cost of the cloud infrastructure and promoting the use of the cloud.

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We can flexibly propose and respond regardless of the scale.

Please feel free to contact us first.

About usage fee


​No agency fees

Yen-denominated invoice payment available

Normally, LiberSky will issue and send an invoice converted to Japanese yen by acting on behalf of LiberSky to pay the usage fee with a US dollar credit card. The payment method will be bank transfer. The agency fee is free.

​Regarding payment

With free inquiry support

Support is charged for direct Google contracts, but LiberSky offers free billing and payment inquiries and optionally technical support.

​About usage fee discount target

The discount rate for this service varies depending on the service used on Google Cloud.

​ All Google Cloud services (PaaS services, IaaS services) are discounted by 8% from the usage fee. ​ In addition, customers who subscribe to the commitment system that contracts the minimum usage amount will receive a 10% discount on the usage fee.

About payment

As a general rule, the Google Cloud usage fee from the beginning of the month to the end of the month will be calculated at the beginning of the following month and paid at the end of the following month.

(Example: For January usage, an invoice will be issued around February 15-20, and the payment deadline will be the end of March)

* Depending on the billing confirmation schedule of Google Cloud, the invoice issuance time may change slightly.

Payment flow

If the GCP usage fee is less than 1,000 yen, you can pay 1,000 yen (plus tax) and allocate the balance after deducting the usage fee to the usage fee payment for the following month or later.

​ Google Cloud is a pay-as-you-go bill, so if you have a small usage fee, the transfer fee will be higher and the customer's burden will be heavier. By providing temporary custody, it will be a payment method that allows you to use the balance for payments from the following month.

Temporary deposit system

About invoice issuance

​It is possible to issue an invoice for multiple systems (projects) managed by the customer at once, or to issue an invoice for each system (project). In addition, we can optionally provide a statement according to your company's internal rules.

​ About support


Basic support plan

Starter and Basic plans are available as basic support plans.

​ Optional support plan

As an option of the above basic support, it is a service that allows customers to entrust the work that they are struggling with in their daily operations and that they find annoying. ​ Experienced engineers will reduce the operational load.

The following issues can be solved.

  • When a failure occurred, the primary isolation did not go well and it took a long time ​

  • The burden on the operation team is heavy, such as paying out GCP components and changing OS settings.

  • It is difficult to manage cost division for each department in consolidated billing ​

*1 Targets failures of Google Cloud services. We do not support problems caused by your usage and settings.

​ *2 The subject of the isolation work is the customer, and this support does not access the customer's project or resource to conduct an investigation.


(Primary isolation support, system recovery work)

When a system failure occurs, we support failure isolation. Also, in the event of a failure due to data corruption, recovery work will be performed from the acquired backup.

​IaaS service setting change work

We will change the settings according to the customer's request, such as paying out components, applying OS and middleware patches, and adding and changing firewall rules. ​ We will also take a backup using the snapshot function. The number of backups and the number of generations will be adjusted according to the system requirements.

​ Subdivision of billing details

We will listen to your company's internal rules and provide invoice details classified by the unit (department, project, etc.) for which costs are recorded.

Flow to use


If you fill out the application form and return it, you can start using it within 5 business days.

For requests, please use the form below.

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