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Company Name

LiberSky Co., Ltd.


2-11-2 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Taiyo Life Nihonbashi Building


50 million yen


January 8, 2021​

Officer composition

President / CEO  |  Makoto Yamasaki

Executive Vice President  |  Katsuhiko Higuchi

Director  |  Hideya Sato

Director  |  Ryuji Miyata

Director  |  Koichiro Tsukada

Auditor  |  Tsutomu Toyao


  • DX promotion / planning consulting

  • Cloud Zero Trust Network Integration

  • Sales of information system related products and licenses

Major shareholders

TerraSky Co., Ltd.

Fiscal year


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Company Profile


Privacy policy / Security policy

Privacy Policy

privacy policy

LiberSky Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and has a social responsibility to strive to protect personal information, and all employees will work on the protection of personal information by establishing the following policy.

We will comply with applicable laws and norms regarding personal information.

We will collect personal information only within the scope of the purpose after clarifying the purpose of collection. In addition, the use of personal information shall not deviate from the purpose of collection.

Personal information will be strictly managed, and data will not be disclosed or provided to third parties except with the consent of the customer.

We will continuously improve the management system and mechanism regarding the protection of personal information.

We will respond appropriately to complaints regarding the handling of personal information.


Inquiry window (complaint window) regarding the handling of personal information

LiberSky Co., Ltd. Headquarters

Security policy

LiberSky Co., Ltd. has acquired the certification of "ISO / IEC 27001" which is an international standard for information security management system (ISMS).
LiberSky is strengthening its information management system in order to provide safe services to our customers. This time, a third-party organization has proved that the information management system is appropriate in terms of security.

The details of the approval are as follows.

Registration date


Applicable standard


Authentication  number

IS 561777

Approval registrar

BSI Group Japan K.K.

Certification registration range

The following operations at LiberSky Co., Ltd.

  • DX promotion / planning consulting

  •  Data utilization using Google Cloud ™ ️ technology, AI introduction and zero trust network integration

  • Sales of information system related products and licenses

​Approval acquisition summary

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