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​Google Cloud

Utilization Support

We will listen to the concerns of customers who are thinking of improving their business by introducing the cloud, and create an environment that strengthens their business such as productivity, business agility, and fault tolerance with Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

AI, which had a high introduction cost, has become familiar in recent years. We will also work with a group of quantum specialists to help you incorporate quantum computers, which are not yet commonplace, into your business.

Common issue


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We can flexibly propose and respond regardless of the scale.

Please feel free to contact us first.

About Quotation


Please contact us using the form below for a quotation, as the content of the implementation will vary depending on the work range and work volume.

  • ​ As long as there is on-premises replacement, it is not possible to break out of the cycle of end of support and hardware update and reduce the operational load

  • ​ The system is inflexible and cannot be easily expanded ​

  • The cloud seems convenient, but I don't know how to operate it.

Customers using an on-premises environment

  • Since it is a single cloud, there is a risk that business will stop ​ in the event of a failure.

  • If you use the single cloud configuration as it is, there is a concern that fixed costs will increase and services cannot be easily added when a large price increase occurs.

  • If you have a multi-cloud configuration, management is required for each cloud, which is troublesome.

Customers operating in a single cloud

(Introduced to other companies' clouds)

​GCP is a pay-as-you-go service in principle.

By introducing it to the minimum, it is possible to solve the current problems while suppressing running costs.

Would you like to solve that problem by adopting GCP?

Benefits of adopting the cloud for customers using on-premises environments

Hardware replacement, which normally occurs every five years, and hypervisor / virtual machine replacement at the time of out-of-maintenance have been a heavy burden. You can get out of that cycle by running your system in the Google Cloud IaaS environment. Furthermore, if the system is operated in a container environment, it is possible to break away from OS replacement, and it is only necessary to consider and implement the application to be replaced according to business requirements. By utilizing the Google Cloud environment, it will be a shortcut for optimizing the entire system.

Release from replacement event

​It took a lot of time to start using on-premises because it took several months from equipment procurement to OS installation before using the application. Since Google Cloud can start work at the same time as applying, the time to start using ​ can be greatly shortened.

No need to procure HW

Since Google manages and operates cloud operations from hardware, hypervisors, virtual machines to the physical elements of the facility where the service is operated, we decided to greatly reduce the part that was on-premises. Become. For IaaS management and operation, the management console of the virtual environment is different, and although there are differences in operability, it is possible to reduce the management man-hours. It is also possible to automatically stop the service during the time when IaaS is not used, and to operate without wasting resources, resulting in a significant reduction compared to the on-premises environment.

If you use Libersky's operational support, you can further reduce the operational load and use the system on Google Cloud.

Leave the troublesome operation to the cloud operator

Benefits of multi-cloud for customers operating in a single cloud environment

In the event of a large-scale failure in the cloud you are currently using, there is a risk that all systems will go down in a single cloud configuration. Therefore, by running some systems on Google Cloud, you can reduce the range of impact in the event of a large-scale failure.

Disperse the range of impact in the event of a failure

Kubernertes is a container service originally designed by Google and is widely used in AWS and Azure environments. Applications running in a container environment using Kubernertes can be easily migrated to containers in other companies' clouds. Therefore, even customers operating in a single cloud can easily respond to unexpected price increases by containerizing the application without being tied to a specific cloud service.

​Vendor lock-in measures using Kubernetes containers

In a multi-cloud environment, learning costs are high, such as learning how to operate each cloud operator, but "Anthos" solves that. With Anthos, you can centrally manage all Kubernetes-based workloads running on-premises in the cloud of other companies ​, so you don't need to have an administrator for each environment.

Multi-cloud environment management with Anthos

Utilization of Google Cloud × Overview of introduction service

In LiberSky's Google Cloud startup service, from planning ​ planning for implementation of the above-mentioned solution example, cloud integration, on-premises / migration work from other companies' clouds, operation service after introduction We will provide it for the first time. Please feel free to contact LiberSky, which has a large number of engineers with extensive experience with GCP.


  • Configuration consultation before introduction

  • ​Support for multi-cloud

Google Cloud
Construction service

  • GCP integration

  • NW and security configuration support

Google Cloud
Migration service

  • Migration work from on-premise

  • Migration from other companies' clouds

Google Cloud
Operational design

  • GCP operation agency

  • Monitoring and primary response services

Consulting Service

The consulting service will provide support to realize the concept under consideration. While making the best use of the current system configuration, consider a configuration plan to realize the customer's concept, and create a roadmap that describes the action plan and implementation time necessary for realizing ​ I will do it.

Google Cloud Construction service

We provide a wide range of cloud integration services, from initial settings for starting to use GCP to large-scale environment construction.

Google Cloud Migration service

It is a service that supports system migration from on-premises or cloud of other companies. ​ In addition to simple cloud lift / shift, please leave the cloud migration of your own application.

Google Cloud Operation service

​We will provide operational support so that you can use the introduced GCP environment with peace of mind. We provide a wide range of after-sales services, from daily operation agency to system monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and primary response ​.

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