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Executive vice-president

Katsuhiko Higuchi

Director (part-time)

Hideya Sato

Director (part-time)

Takashi Miyata

Director (part-time)

Koichiro Tsukada

Auditor (part-time)

Tsutomu Toyao

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Message from the President


Change the World where you can be more of a protagonist.

People want to live more "freely" and "selfishly".

However, "responsibility" is necessary to live freely and selfishly.

You can live on your own without altruism, but I can't think of a happy life beyond that.

There is only one rule when laughing in the box.

It is "Effort".

The guy who is doing his best doesn't see a fool. We are a company that does not feel regrettable.

Our company, which is such a company, will build up in the future.

"A company that looks forward to going to work every Monday"

For work and play, it is better to think about "who to do" rather than "what to do".

​ All employees will work while enjoying various processes.

Makoto Yamazaki

President and CEO



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