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Acquired Google Cloud Platform™ partner certification

LiberSky has been certified as a Google Cloud Platform™ (hereinafter referred to as GCP™ ) Sell/Service Partner under the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program.

The cloud market continues to grow and customer needs are expanding daily as more and more companies are trying to collect more data and transform their business through digital transformation (DX).

LiberSky will work with you to achieve a fundamental transformation of your business model by adopting digital technology, rather than simply deploying localized IT tools, by leveraging GCP™ digital technology.

GCP™ is the world's most advanced cloud service that leverages Google's service infrastructure.

GCP™ offers BigQuery™ for easy, real-time analysis of big data; Cloud Storage™ for simple management, ruggedized, and highly available storage; AI Platform™ for hassle-free creation of machine learning environments and shortened lead times for AI development; and GCP™ for the ability to leverage data from any employee in the enterprise. The AI Platform™, which enables customers to quickly build machine learning environments and shorten lead times for AI development; and Looker™, a tool that enables any employee in a company to make use of data.

LiberSky has obtained this certification in order to deploy solutions that promote the digital transformation of our customers.

  • We provide planning, examination, and consulting support for the data utilization infrastructure necessary to promote DX, and present a vision, grand design, and overall activities and plans based on the DX vision to drive the customer's activities themselves.

  • We support the construction of BigQuery™, the data analysis infrastructure, as well as data integration between systems and the construction of the customer's data utilization infrastructure.

  • We support security studies and implementation of the data analysis infrastructure.

  • We will propose the best plan for GCP™ usage fees and handle everything from sales to billing on your behalf.

Company Profile

Headquarters : Taiyo Seimei Nihonbashi Building, 2-11-2 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

President and Representative Director : Makoto Yamasaki

Website :

Business Description : Provides cloud consulting and integration support to customers utilizing Google Cloud Platform™ and various other cloud technologies.

Google, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, Cloud Storage AI Platform, and Looker are trademarks of Google LLC.

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