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Establishment of LiberSky Co., Ltd.

LiberSky Co., Ltd.

was established on January 8, 2021 by TerraSky Inc. to strengthen and promote the cloud technology field related to digital transformation (DX).

On this website, we will introduce our philosophy and service overview, as well as provide information on case studies and other topics on a regular basis.

LiberSky we will focus on DX required in our clients' business environment in the social climate undergoing major changes, and provide a variety of new technologies centered on cloud computing as a means of promoting DX.

We provide integration of device environments based on a zero-trust model that enables work to be performed comfortably and safely in a variety of locations and environments, data utilization and AI analysis using Google Cloud for new value creation, and other services using cloud technologies that match the times. We will devote ourselves to our business in order to remove the "Wall" that will arise from future changes in our customers' IT environments and help them promote DX, such as reforming the way they work and achieving competitive advantage in their businesses.

We look forward to your continued support of LiberSky.

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